Thursday, July 9, 2009


There I was just drawing away when that life thing pops up.

I like being busy but It always takes up a lot of time in the beginning from doing my own stuff. Last time this happened I stopped drawing for about 2 years, but not this time! I am still drawing. looks like crap but I'm still drawing. I haven't got the speed down yet but I can see it happening. I've still got some pics I will get around to colouring and some other stuff too.

I the mean time I will post some rough stuff. Its usually easier to draw for something.



echobaseAlpha said...

Good solid snake profile pic!

Amy said...

And here I was JUST thinking 'Hm, Dan hasn't posted in while, he must have work!' ;)

No excuses! More sketchamajiggers! ;)
(says the woman with a comic page uncompleted on her other monitor...)