Wednesday, July 1, 2009

RPG's on PAPER!?!

Once upon a time RPG's were played with pencil and paper and twenty sided die.

I still remember getting together with friends on a weekends to raid dungeons and kill dragons. That was until one of us found god and burnt all our books for they were the devils work. (I kid not). Probably a blessing I guess who knows.

Anyways I found some old sketches the other day of some characters who I thought could do with some revisiting. I'm probably have a go at colouring one of these but we shall see.

(Bear with me as I geek out a little here.) Half elves if I remember are ambidextrous. This one managed to find both a Flame Tongue and a Frost Brand. In the original sketch she had a little wyrmling familiar, I can't remember how that came about though.

Just your basic fighter here (probably the result of bad stats) with a belt of giant strength and your run of the mill Vorpal Sword! (*dice rolls* "20!" *collect treasure and XP*)

Later in our D&D years we started making our own classes like Chaos warriors (Anti-Paladins), monsters and weapons.

This lass was created by a friend of mine. A little more experimental than most of what we came up with. A knight of nature. All armor and weapons are grown from a plant base and have the ability to regenerate (if given time). My original sketch looked like something from Bubblegum crisis. That's how they described the armor at the time. The sword was origionally that big and the thorns on the armor could be removed and used as stilleto knives. I've recently been playing Monster Hunter again and I let that influence the design this time. I was thinking the plates are some sort of seed husks or something...


echobaseAlpha said...

I miss my D AND D days, thx for this awesome flashback. Some great characters here. They scream for colour!

Daniel MacGregor said...

Back when we had as many hours as there were in a day to play. 1 or 2 will be getting some colour. Probably the first and last.