Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blarg I say!

This whole drawing in the morning things is harder than I thought it was going to be.

On paper I know this would have worked out fine but i don't know about photoshop yet. Maybe if I define it more at the beginning. Maybe sketchbookpro.

Lol, What?! Half a dozen drawings in and I'm looking at other options. I know, things will get better though.

enjoy 30


Amy said...

Dude, they look fine, don't think so much ;)

What I did a little while ago was sit down with PS and just play with all those effects brushes we rarely use. Played with settings, tweaked things and created my own set of 'Amy's Brushes' which I can just sketch and muck around with as well as emulate some of Painter's pastel and pencil brushes.
Make PS bend to you, not the other way around ;)

Daniel MacGregor said...

Thanks, I think I'm just trying to do to much without knowing what I want to do.

I should be drawing what I know, then I can experiment with the medium a little at a time (and all those brushes).