Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No pressure?

Well there's 2 today.

The first is a quick 15 of Etna from Disgaea. I really like this game but I haven't been able to finish it yet. Too much grinding.

I slept in again yesterday so I opened up photoshop during the day. I wasn't to happy with the last apple themed sketch I drew so I wanted to try again.

The second is this mornings 30.

I guess It's supposed to be Pokemon Misty. It's so hot here now I just had to do something beach themed.

I loaded up photoshop this morning and for some reason the pressure sensitivity on my tablet just wasn't reading. I'm hoping it's just a glitch or something. I didn't want to stuff around with it so anyways it made this sketch alot harder than it should have been. I've gotten used to the pressure I guess. hopefully restarting my computer later will fix it.



Amy said...

My Wacom brain-farts sometimes, too.

When the pressure sensitivity fails, I close photoshop down and restart it again. Sometimes if you're doing something else WHILE Photoshop is opening up, the tablet drivers don't load properly.

If that doesn't work, a complete computer reboot always does the trick.

Daniel MacGregor said...

Yeah I've had it happen before and usually I just reload photoshop and it's fine.
That morning I tried that twice but no joy. I didn't want to give my drawing time rebooting though so I sketched anyway.

Today the pressures back so all's good :)