Saturday, July 25, 2009

A quick ninja

Just a quick one this evening as I slept in :). A 20 minute ninja.

I really didn't know what I was drawing I just had an idea of the pose in my head. It kind of looked like this. I'm thinking it would have been good to work with white on black for this one. Well there's always tomorrow.

- Dan


manee said...

Hey Dan, awesome sketch can't wait to see it coloured! :D

while I'm here I thought I'd answer that question you asked me forever ago on my blog(sorry I'm blog illiterate so I didn't even realise I had any comments! XD )
those pics were done on tablet pc
Do you have a cintiq? I've always wanted one *dreams*

Daniel MacGregor said...

These sketches are just exercises for me at the moment. I want to get better and faster.

No problem about the answer time, you should see me answer emails.

Tablet PC huh? Nice, I haven't tried one of those. I asked cause your pics are really solid. I'm still using a wacom tablet I picked up a while back. I too want a cintiq. I used one at my last work place.