Sunday, July 25, 2010

Calling to the night again?

That last Big Boss pic was bugging me so I redid it. I'm happier now so I think I'll let it be

I sketched this one in sketchbook and then colored it in photoshop



Amy said...

Good god man, I go to a con for a week and you get bizay with the art, what's up with that? ^_-

Daniel MacGregor said...

I was thinking that I needed to start drawing again so I'm going for that hit the ground running thing. I feel like I'm somewhat lost at the moment so I'm hoping to draw my way out. How did the con go? I'll be sure to stop by your blog or deviantart for an update :)

Amy said...

I want to do a con update and I will... when my current Muppet deadline crunch isn't killing me O_o
(I know what you're thinking, 'AMY, suffer a DEADLINE?') but it wasn't my fault. ;p)

Hopefully this weekend.