Thursday, July 29, 2010

Call me...

This morning's sketch was about coffee

I haven't seen enough art of this girl though to be honest I haven't really looked. MGS's little Mei Ling, developer of the Soliton Radar and the Codec communication system.

Lines, SketchbookPro. Color, Photoshop


Mei Ling: Snake. That's a ladies bathroom.
Solid Snake: I know that. I saw Meryl come in here.
Mei Ling: So you went in after her? Are you some kind of pervert? I won't let you save your mission now.
Solid Snake: Listen Mei Ling, this is the only place on this base that I can talk to Meryl alone.
Mei Ling: Whatever, weirdo. Don't call me again.

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