Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One down

I think I'm done with this one.
Pretty happy with my first attempt at using Sai. Hopefully the first of many:)



Trinidad said...

Very nice man! the only things I see that's a bit off would be the hand sizes. The one on the left seems a bit small, though I'm not sure if that's cause of perspective maybe? And then the other thing is the fold at the bottom of the dress, I would've thought that the black frill thing would flow with the blue dress in how it folds?(not sure if get what Im saying...)

But It's pretty good man. Is Sai easier to use than PS?

Daniel MacGregor said...

Yeah there are some small things (especially the hands)with this but I'm willing to let them go. I've got lots more i want to get done. I'll take it as a lesson for my next drawing:)