Sunday, February 17, 2013

063 Deunan lines

Doing that Ghost in the shell pic reminded me why I love Shirow's work. Applseed. Deunan's suit here is a mix of Appleseed vol and 4

Some work has picked up so it may be time to switch up this daily sketching. While I'll still be drawing everyday, I won't be uploading as much here. It's been an excellent exercise and reminds me that I should always be drawing more. Still got to finish this piece:)



Trinidad said...

Oh nice! Appleseed huh?! Thinks thats a lil before my time.

But yeah the daily sketching lasted for some time, looking at all the different things you posted definitely made me want to draw more as well!
And it'll be cool to see more finished pieces. Looking forward to that!

Anyways, keep up the great work man!

Daniel MacGregor said...

Thanks BT I enjoyed the drawing binge and I can see some improvement even over just a few months. If only I had started earlier:)