Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chesecake is magic :edit Uncut

Just getting this out of the system. Cheesecake always makes my day. Done live over a couple of weekends. Thanks to those that stopped by.

Could have used more work in the layout but I was trying to reference another pic.

New work commitments have reduced my drawing time but I'll still draw when I can.

Edit: after some feedback I revisited the piece. Comes together a little better now :)



Amy said...

Oh. Mah. GAWD, so awesome :D

Daniel MacGregor said...

Thanks Amy, a couple of things are off but I just wanted to get it done. I figured I could get away with something like this if I was working on the show :)

Mike Jones said...

now if you could just draw me into the bottom of that sexy pile, my life will be complete.