Saturday, December 4, 2010

Arthur, King of the Britains

I've been meaning to draw King Arthur for a while. I'd tried a few times before but it just never came together. After a few lunches and late nights I think I can post this and move on.

Fate/Stay besides being a PC "game" was an awesome Capcom brawler on the PSP. Fate/unlimited codes

lines sketchbook pro. Color photoshop



Carlyle said...

wow man that looks fantastic. The coloring is off the charts, great job.

Edward Pun said...

Beautiful artwork you got here! Wonderful lines and colors!!

Daniel MacGregor said...

Thanks Carlyle, I'm still slowly trying to develop a technique.

Edward, Thanks for the kind words I really like your work. Reminds me I still have a lot to learn:)

Peter Yong said...

Loving the stuff here man! Awesome to see you have a blog!

Daniel MacGregor said...

Thanks Pete, sorry to see Violent Fridays go, though looking forward to what plump Mondays brings.