Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Poker face

For lunch today I wanted to try something different. I had the song pokerface in my head and this popped out.
My take on Harley Quinn. Oh she looks happy.

lines in sketchbookpro, extra love in photoshop



Mike Jones said...


it's awesome that you can fire these awesome drawings off in an awesome amount of time, each awesome day!


mayhem said...

why are you listening to Gaga? Great work d!

Daniel MacGregor said...

Thanks Mike, I don't really know it just sort of happens.

As for Gaga I heard it somewhere and it got stuck in my head

Julian Javier said...

Hey Daniel. I don't know if you're still active on your account, but I've been looking for the owner of this picture for a long time. I love the artwork of it its amazing. I was wondering if you have a larger version of this picture or anyway to make it into a nice HD Wallpaper?

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to order a print of this? I have a friend that would love it!!

Daniel MacGregor said...

@Tereasa At the moment this picture is the original size so it isn't much good for a print. I will be redoing it soon though so keep an eye out:)