Friday, May 7, 2010

Grad show Cut

For those who can't make it, here's my demo reel cut for the Capilano Uni Grad show tonight. For those who can I'll see you tonight.


Grad Show Demo Reel 2010 from Daniel MacGregor on Vimeo.



manee said...
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manee said...

wow! awesome work Dan! love your animation and designs :D

Daniel MacGregor said...

Thanks Mandy

It was a long road but I got to the end.
I now have a couple of characters I can practice animation with.

Sam said...

Are you gonna animate your short film idea?

Daniel MacGregor said...


I'm going to do some more exercises with these 2 first.

I just saw How to Train you Dragon and am feeling truly inspired.

That film was, as Bruce and Shu would say, Sooo Good!