Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hey all
It's been a while but I'm almost finished my course at Capilano Uni.
It was fun and a real challenge.

I have my Gradshow coming up next week and then it's back to real life.

Time to get back to work and back to drawing.
For those who can make it stop by:


2D and 3D Animation Trade Show presented by the Capilano University Animation Department.

The display booths will be set up on May 2nd and exhibit throughout the week as a walk through art gallery.

May 7th (5PM - 9PM) -The trade show night where students will be presenting their work. All industry professionals are welcome.

May 7th (9PM - 2AM) - Grad Party!! All are welcome to join us at Chapel Arts (304 Dunlevy Avenue) after the show for raffle, drinks, music...and more drinks.

May 8th (12PM - 4PM) -An open house for friends, family, and the general public.




Amy said...

You, sir, have been TOO quiet!

Congratulations on your graduation, now maybe you'll post again! :)

Have you chased up at Pixar's new dig in Vancouver? Seems a no-brainer for someone with your experience.

Daniel MacGregor said...

It has been a while since my last post hasn't it?

Thanks for the congrats

But yes Pixar is on my list of places to go for

Game on I say