Sunday, August 9, 2009

Those thighs

Capcom's Chun li in 30

Though I may have out grown her she 'll always be my first video game girl.

Thought I try a harder brush for line this morning... and it fought me all the way. Probably partially to do with the pose to. Too early in the morning to be trying this.

Overall not bad, just less dynamic as I had in my head. I really need more time for something like this. It needs a strong foundation. Needs strong legs...

- Dan


Amy said...

While I have absolutely no objections to you doing all this new art, don't you take the weekend off? ;)

Maybe you should try an experiment in exaggeration - is it possible to make Chun-li's thighs so big it looks ridiculous? I bet it's not easy ;)

Daniel MacGregor said...

If I didn't do this I would probably fall back into not drawing.

exaggeration is coming, just with only 30 min I feel I need to have a clear idea of what I want otherwise I'm heading for pain. The drawing everyday (whenever I can) is helping me get back into it, I just wish I hadn't taken so long.